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“Educators are brain changers!”

Transforming Education

INTERACT123 is transforming education by integrating a learning science approach into course design, redesign, and teaching across online, blended, and onsite education that builds upon the human learning process and fosters deeper learning, neuroplasticity, and student success. 

INTERACT123's application is designed by and for educators to support active learning, multi-modality feedback, Universal Design for Learning, Inclusive Teaching, and dynamic assessment to meet student learning outcomes. 

INTERACT123's application enables educators to support quality, innovation, and engagement while balancing content, workload, and cognitive load in alignment with CLEAR Course DesignTM.

Transforming Education

CLEAR Course DesignTM 


Credit Hour



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Regular & Substantive

CLEAR Course Design


Enable and empower all educators to map, design, and teach dynamic courses that balance content, workload, and cognitive load to support engagement, mastery, competencies, and transfer of learning across real-world contexts in alignment with the pillars of CLEAR Course DesignTM: Credit hour, Licensure, Engagement, Accreditation, Regular & Substantive Interaction


Transform education by preparing and supporting a sustainable global workforce through empowering all educators to unlock the human potential of every student through a pioneering application and professional development aligned with the neuroscience of learning

Core Values

We inspire innovation.

We promote neuroplasticity through course design, instruction, and engagement across real-world contexts.

We embrace accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We impact the lives of educators, students, communities, and the workforce.

We live our Mission.

Mission, Vision, Core Values
Table with diverse group of workers with words creative, ideas, thinking, and design on table


Our team includes diverse and neurodivergent educators with professional backgrounds in instruction, instructional design, and administration from across higher education and K-12 education. Team members have expertise in online, blended, and onsite education, curriculum design, and neuroeducation. Team members also have extensive experience across disciplines working with regulations, accreditation, credit hour policy, and Regular & Substantive Interaction.

Our team is committed to our Mission, Vision, and Values which are core to transforming education and our global workforce through empowered educators and students.

Accessibility Statement

INTERACT123 is committed to ensuring that our products and services are usable and accessible by all individuals. Accessibility, inclusion, and equity are core to our Mission, Vision, and Values.

INTERACT123 supports WCAG 2.1 Level AA, including screen readers and keyboard navigation. See our
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT).

Diversity Statement

INTERACT123 supports and celebrates an inclusive work environment in which diversity, equity, and belonging are central to our ethos in which our employees and clients feel valued, respected, and appreciated.

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Accessibility Diversity Staeent

From single users and institutional subscriptions to grants

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Our Clients

“This tool is vitally important. There is a big gap in faculty time estimate and actual student time for completion of these assignments.”- Instructional Designer

Our Team

Judson Epperly

Judson Epperly, PhD, MBA serves as the Vice President of Business Development. Judson is responsible for leading business development for higher education and K-12 education. This includes all aspects of strategy development, budget management, and marketing. Judson collaborates across functional teams within the organization to execute on initiatives and projects related to growth plans and management of new and existing clients. He develops and guides market strategies for multiple products across various market segments. Judson works with the INTERACT123 executive team on long-term growth to support the mission and strategic goals. Judson brings over 20 years of experience working within higher education. Judson is trilingual (English, Spanish, Portugese) and has led marketing and business development nationally and internationally for higher education institutions and corporations.

Judson Epperly, PhD, MBA

Vice President

Business Development

Karyn Holt

Karyn Holt, PhD, RN, CNM, ANEF, is responsible for partnerships with higher education institutions and schools/colleges of nursing as well as leading research initiatives. This includes all aspects of partnership development, training, and research studies. Karyn works with the INTERACT123 executive team to advise on institutional relationships, research opportunities, and grants. Karyn has over 30 years of experience working in higher education at public and private institutions as a faculty member and in administration within online learning, accreditation, and evaluation. Karyn is a US veteran and has over 40 years working in nursing.

Karyn Holt,  PhD, RN, CNM, ANEF

Vice President

Institutional Partnerships & Research

Our Team
Nan Miller

Nan Miller, CPA, serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Nan is responsible for managing fiscal operations, accounting, and human resources. Nan works with the executive team to advise on financial planning, reporting, partnerships, and grants. She collaborates on developing plans for financial and strategic management to support business growth. Nan has over 30 years working with corporations and non-profit organizations nationally and internationally.

Nan Miller, CPA

Chief Financial Officer


Madison Betts

Madison Betts is the Director of Publications and Communications. Madison is responsible for the INTERACT123 monograph series, research round-up, blogs, and website. She collaborates on marketing, research, and grants. Madison works with the INTERACT123 executive team on all publications, branding, social media presence, marketing campaigns, trademark applications, and accessibility. Madison collaboratively leads the development of education-related products and editorial reviews of workshops, online courses, and research studies.

Madison Betts


Publishing & Communications

Begüm Ceylan

Begüm Ceylan is the Associate Director for Education, Research & Communications. Begüm is responsible for developing education-related materials for publishing, training, and marketing. She works on research projects and survey design. Begüm collaborates on the INTERACT123 monograph series, research round-up, blogs, and online courses. She also reviews content related to grants, educational policy, and regulations. Begüm works with the INTERACT123 executive team on branding, social media presence, marketing campaigns, trademark applications, and accessibility.

Begüm Ceylan

Associate Director

Education, Research & Communications

Alethea Wright

Alethea Wright, EdD, is an Associate for Education & Training. She has over 25 years of experience in education in teaching, administration, and business leadership. Alethea's professional background includes professional development for teachers, administrators, and parents/caregivers. Alethea has extensive experience working with underserved and at-promise populations to support student success.

Alethea Wright, Ed.D


Education & Training

Melissa Schmitz

Melissa Schmitz, EdD, has over 25 years of experience in public and private education. She is an experienced leader of educational change and organizational development. Melissa's expertise is in professional development, creativity, curriculum design, and sustainable practices. Melissa has worked across PK-12 education and higher education to support student success and faculty/teacher retention through innovative programs and training.

Melissa Schmitz, Ed.D.

Education & Training


Sara Huddleston

Sara Monroy Huddleston is an Associate for Education & Training. Sara brings over 30 years of working with cultural competency and programming for culturally diverse populations and marginalized communities. Fluent in Spanish and English, Sara has worked with professional areas including education, business, medical, legal, and government institutions.

Sara Monroy Huddleston

Education & Training


Kristen Betts

Kristen Betts, EdD, is the Founder of INTERACT123. Kristen serves in an advisory role with the INTERACT123 leadership team. She has over 25 years of experience in teaching, instructional design, and assessment in higher education and K-12 education. She has worked in senior administration positions within private, public, and for-profit higher education institutions. Her expertise is in online education, program development, instructional design, and faculty development. Kristen has extensive experience in curriculum and instruction, neuroeducation, accreditation, regulations, and Regular & Substantive Interaction. Kristen has collaboratively designed professional development programs building upon the neuroscience of learning for faculty, teachers, instructional designers, and administrators within education across the United States and internationally.

Kristen Betts, Ed.D.


Founder & Advisor

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