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Educators are brain changers!

Transforming Education

INTERACT123 is transforming education by integrating a learning science approach into course design, redesign, and teaching across online, blended, and onsite education that builds upon the human learning process and fosters deeper learning, neuroplasticity, and student success. 


INTERACT123's application is designed by and for educators to support active learning, multi-modality feedback, Universal Design for Learning, Inclusive Teaching, and dynamic assessment to meet student learning outcomes. 

INTERACT123's application enables educators to support quality, innovation, and engagement while balancing content, workload, and cognitive load in alignment with:

CLEAR Course DesignTM


  • Credit Hour

  • Licensure

  • Engagement

  • Accreditation

  • Regular & Substantive Interaction



Our team includes diverse and neurodivergent educators with professional backgrounds in instruction, instructional design, and administration from across higher education and K-12 education. Team members have expertise in online, blended, and onsite education, curriculum design, and neuroeducation. Team members also have extensive experience across disciplines working with regulations, accreditation, credit hour policy, and Regular & Substantive Interaction.


Our team is committed to our Mission, Vision, and Values which are core to transforming education and our global workforce through empowered educators and students.


Enable and empower all educators to map, design, and teach dynamic courses that balance content, workload, and cognitive load to support engagement, mastery, competencies, and transfer of learning across real-world contexts in alignment with the pillars of CLEAR Course DesignTM: Credit hour, Licensure, Engagement, Accreditation, Regular & Substantive Interaction



Transform education by preparing and supporting a sustainable global workforce through empowering all educators to unlock the human potential of every student through a pioneering application and professional development aligned with the neuroscience of learning


  • We inspire innovation

  • We promote neuroplasticity through course design, instruction, and engagement across real-world contexts

  • We embrace accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • We impact the lives of educators, students, communities, and the workforce

  • We live our Mission

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