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Educators are Brain Changers

"Every class, assignment, and experience reshapes each student’s brain through neuroplasticity."

(McTighe & Willis, 2019, p. 20)

INTERACT123TM promotes neuroplasticity using a pioneering application that enables educators to easily and creatively balance curriculum requirements and student engagement in alignment with evidence-based practices, regulations, and policies.


In just three steps, mitigate content, workload, and cognitive overload to support optimal learning and student retention.


INTERACT123TM is the only tool that supports alignment with CLEAR Course DesignTM for online, hybrid, HyFlex, and onsite courses:


  • Credit Hour

  • Licensure

  • Engagement

  • Accreditation

  • Regular & Substantive Interaction    

INTERACT123 Benefits

No More Spreadsheets or "Guesstimations"

Just Three Steps

Step 1: Enter course details

Step 2: Select interactions using dynamic drop down options

(Instructor-Student, Student-Content, Student-Student)

Step 3: View interactive dashboards, share the auto-generated course conspectus

Shutterstock_147564290 (1).jpg

Regular & Substantive Interaction,

Credit Hour Alignment, and Innovation

Dynamic Dashboards

  • Optimize dashboards to support active learning and balance workload

  • Ensure time is built in for student preparation, practice, and application to support cognition, metacognition, and transfer of learning

“Assigning too much work can diminish its effectiveness

and even make it counter-productive” Strenger (2018)

INTERACT123 Dashboard

Three Types of Engagement

  • Support Instructor-Student, Student-Content, Student-Student engagement

  • Collaborate with other instructors, instructional designers, and Subject Matter Experts on course design and redesign

  • Identify "at-risk weeks" with too much or too little content

  • Look for "front loaded" courses, like below, that can impact early attrition

  • Use the dashboards to move toward optimal design, balance, and engagement

INTERACT123 graph

Course Conspectus

  • Utilize the auto-generated course conspectus, which includes weekly lesson plans, for course design and redesign

  • Showcase active learning, Universal Design for Learning, and inclusive pedagogy

  • Demonstrate Regular and Substantive Interaction and alignment with student learning outcomes, accreditation, and licensure

  • Use for course and program reviews as well as substantive change submissions 

INTERACT123 Conspectus

Designed by Educators for
Faculty, Teachers & Instructional Designers

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