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Making the Immeasurable Measurable

No More Spreadsheets

Just Three Steps

EmpowerStep 1: Enter course details

Step 2: Enter interactions

Step 3: Share the auto-generated course conspectus

Interact123 Application

Make the Immeasurable Measurable

Designed for

Faculty, Teachers, and Instructional Designers

 Dynamic Dashboards

  • EmpoOptimize the application dashboards to support active learning and balance workload

  • Ensure time is built in for student preparation, practice, and application to support cognition, metacognition, epistemic cognition, and transfer of learning

“Assigning too much work can diminish its effectiveness and even make it counter-productive.”

Strenger (2018)

ThreeThree Types of Engagement

  • SupportSupport instructor-student, student-content, and student-student engagement

  • Identify "at-risk weeks" with too much or too little content

  • Look for "front loaded" courses, like below, that can impact early attrition

  • Use the dashboards to move toward optimal design, balance, and engagement

CouresCourse Conspectus

  • UsUtilize the auto-generated course conspectus, which includes weekly lesson plans, for course design and redesign

  • Showcase active learning, regular and substantive interaction, Universal Design for Learning, and inclusive pedagogy

  • Post the course conspectus in LMS to support weekly planning

  • Prepare for course reviews, accreditation, and licensure


“This tool is vitally important. There is a big gap in faculty time estimate and actual student time for completion of these assignments.”