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Online Learning Consortium

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Nine Key Resources to Ignite Learning & Transform Education


Online Learning Consortium (OLC)


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The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) is a pioneering organization that has been advancing online learning for over two decades. OLC brings together innovators, leaders, faculty, instructional designers, administrators, and trainers as well as educational institutions, professional societies, and corporate enterprises as part of a dynamic higher education community. OLC has a 17-member Board of Directors that includes renowned leaders from across higher education institutions, organizations, and corporations. OLC is committed to advancing quality and leadership in online and digital learning worldwide.


Creating community and knowledge around quality online, blended, and digital learning while driving innovation.

Vision: Setting the global standard in online, blended, and digital learning.

Optimizing OLC Resources:

OLC has continued to advance online learning through research, publications, dynamic tools, conferences, and professional development since 1999 when it started as the Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C). The OLC website provides extensive resources and opportunities to actively engage in the OLC higher education community.

There are many ways to get involved with OLC as shared on the website: Attend, Learn, Read, Join, and Follow. Educators can attend or present at annual conferences including OLC Accelerate in the Fall and OLC Innovate in the Spring. Educators can engage in multiple events hosted throughout the year such as Foundry Days, OLC Blended Learning Symposium, OLC Leadership Network Symposium, and OLC Ideate. There are also many opportunities to serve as a volunteer as a part of the OLC events.

OLC has continued to provide virtual learning opportunities since 2005 for career enhancement, advancement, and transition through the OLC Institute for Professional Development. OLC offers OLC Certificate Programs, OLC Mastery Series, OLC Workshops, OLC Webinars, and the Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL). Educators are encouraged to review the myriad of offerings that support professional growth, networking, and real-world transfer.

The OLC Research Center for Digital Learning and Leadership provides publications including original research, curated research, curated articles, and resources across six categories: Annual Reports, Digital Learning, Instructional Design/Learning Design, Leadership, Quality, and Teaching & Learning. These research studies, journal articles, and white papers are excellent resources for higher education institutions, Centers for Teaching & Learning, graduate students, and practitioners.

OLC provides services and tools to support higher institutions with their online learning initiatives. The Quality Scorecard Suite provides institutions with benchmarking opportunities to support online learning excellence across six areas: Administration of Online Programs, Blended Learning Programs, Course Design Review, Digital Courseware Instructional Practice, Online Student Support, and Quality Course Teaching & Instructional Practice. The OLC website also provides a detailed history of the Quality Scorecard with case studies and testimonials. Additionally, OLC provides tools for educators which include a collection of resources and initiatives to support critical aspects of online learning such as understanding the role of online adjunct faculty, caring for students, optimizing high-quality digital learning experiences, and more.

OLC has been recognizing excellence in online, blended, and digital learning since 2001 through annual awards bestowed at OLC Accelerate and OLC Innovate. OLC offers scholarships for members including the OLC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarship and the Bruce N. Chaloux Scholarship for Early Career Excellence. Additionally, OLC recognizes OLC Fellows, members who are nominated for their outstanding work in online learning, distinguished service to OLC, extraordinary contributions to the field, and exceptional leadership.

OLC has many membership options and ways to stay connected. Educators can become part of the OLC global network through the OLC Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Educators can also sign up for OLC Today to receive weekly updates on research, professional development opportunities, new trends, and events.

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Learn more about OLC by visiting the OLC website!

OLC: Dedicated to quality and leadership in online and digital learning

Author: Dr. Kristen Betts


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