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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Nine Key Resources to Ignite Learning & Transform Education


WCET—the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies


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WCET (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies) is an eminent national member-driven organization focused on the practice, policy, and advocacy of digital learning in higher education. WCET was established in 1988 as a unit of Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), which is a regional, non-profit organization with membership including 15 western states and the U.S. Pacific Islands and Freely Associated States. Areas of expertise for WCET are policy, practice, community, and equity. Educators are encouraged to explore each of the areas of expertise on the About webpage including the extended resources and highlighted current efforts. The About webpage also introduces the amazing WCET Staff, provides access the detailed FAQs, and shares WCET’s commitment to excellence and values. WCET is committed to “advancing learner access and success through postsecondary digital learning for a more equitable world.”


WCET is the leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of digital learning in higher education.

Vision: Advancing learner access and success through postsecondary digital learning for a more equitable world.

Optimize WCET Resources:

WCET has been a pioneer in higher education for over three decades in its work with digital learning. It is important for educators to review how WCET defines digital learning since this is central to WCET’s mission, vision, identity statement, and values.

Digital learning is a broad look at the landscape of learning in higher education that can be and is enhanced by technology. It is not only online learning or simply bringing a piece of technology into a physical classroom, but rather encompasses how technology embeds into the DNA of learning to change opportunity, access, and promote competency in higher education. (WCET, FAQs: Digital Learning)

WCET provides both open-access content and extensive benefits for members including resources, exclusive events and webcasts, community discussions, and professional development. The WCET website is an outstanding resource for all educators within higher education. Policy and Practice are two areas on the website that provide comprehensive materials on critical topics. In addition to providing detailed policy-related information under each specific topic, further resources are provided such as WCET Resources, External Resources, Related WCET Events, and Contacts within WCET. There are three WCET Networks which are programs housed within WCET focusing on topics related to higher education digital learning. The WCET Networks include State Authorization Network, Every Learning Everywhere, and National Consortium of Open Educational Resources (NCOER).

Educators are strongly encouraged to review the WCET events that are offered throughout the year. WCET offers monthly webcasts on digital learning topics with expert presenters. Most webcasts are free and open to everyone along with access to the archived presentations. WCET hosts two conferences each year. The WCET Annual Meeting is in the fall and the WCET Summit is in the spring. WCET does offer some member-only events for WCET members and State Authorization Network members.

WCET resources include curated publications and reports from 2002 until today. Educators can search for specific resources by type including audio, publication, and video. Educators can also access Frontiers Blog and Frontiers Pod. The blogs examine critical topics in higher education with open access to archived blogs dating back to 2010. Frontiers Pod includes podcasts with WCET team members, guest hosts, and interviewees discussing innovations and solutions related to practice and policy in higher education.

Educators can follow WCET on Twitter as well as subscribe to WCET to receive information about upcoming events, publications, resources, new blogs, and more. WCET also provides opportunities for sponsorship with different sponsorship packages. In reviewing all the resources provided by WCET for educators, it is truly evident that WCET is "the leader in the practice, policy, and advocacy of digital learning in higher education."

Key Links:

Learn more about WCET by visiting the WCET website!

WCET: Advancing learner access and success through postsecondary digital learning for a more equitable world

Author: Dr. Kristen Betts


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