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Association of College and University Educators

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Nine Key Resources to Ignite Learning & Transform Education


Association of College and University Educators (ACUE)




The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) partners with higher education institutions to provide resources and ongoing support to faculty through preparation and credentials to foster faculty and student success. ACUE offers courses through both institutional partnerships and open enrollment on evidence-based teaching practices to support deeper learning, student engagement, retention/completion, and career readiness. ACUE has eight Founding Advisors who include current presidents, presidents and chancellor emeriti, and former general counsel for the US Department of Education. ACUE offers many benefits with every partnership including partnership design, academic support, impact research, recognition, lifelong learning, and communications.


To ensure student success and equity through quality instruction.

Optimize ACUE Resources:

ACUE provides exceptional resources for faculty, administrators, and Centers for Teaching & Learning. ACUE offers open enrollment courses for faculty and adjunct faculty across all stages of their careers as well as courses for graduate students. Courses are offered fully online throughout the year. Faculty who complete the course requirements can earn certificates in effective college instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework builds upon five competencies: (1) Designing an Effective Course, (2) Establishing a Productive Learning Environment, (3) Using Active Learning Strategies, (4) Promoting Higher Order Thinking, and (5) Assessing to Inform Instruction & Promote Learning. All ACUE courses build upon the Effective Practice Framework. Educators can learn more about ACUE’s Learning Design by clicking on the interactive components of the website on Learn, Collaborate, Implement, Reflect, and Refine which “guide faculty from foundational knowledge through higher order learning to the implementation of proven approaches, reflection on one’s practice, and refinement based on peer and expert feedback" (ACUE, para. 1).

ACUE offers one-hour webinars with live discussions that include Q&A with participants. Educators can watch the on-demand webinar recordings through ACUE’s YouTube Channel. ACUE has three webinar series with links for toolkits on critical topics related to teaching and learning: (1) Effective Online Teaching Toolkit, (2) Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit, and (3) Back to School Webinars. The webinar series with the toolkits are exemplar resources and should be reviewed by all educators. ACUE also provides an Expert Series in which leading experts in the scholarship of teaching and learning share their research and exemplary evidence-based practices. Another resource is the ACUE Stories that includes videos highlighting the work of faculty who go above and beyond to support each other and support student success. Educators are encouraged to send their stories to ACUE.

ACUE shares impact stories, studies, and reports related to teaching practices and student outcomes nationwide. The impact stories, research briefs, and full reports provide critical insight from public and private institutions. ACUE also shares open-access publications focused on the latest findings about teaching and learning. Many of the publications provide educators with the option to read ACUE’s insight on the specific topics. ACUE asks educators to consider adding research and insights to Related Papers webpage.

Educators can get involved through the ACUE Community to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning through discussions and webinars with experts as well as through social media (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube). The ACUE Community also provides access to the ‘Q’ Blog. Educators can also sign up for ACUE’s weekly newsletter to stay up to date on research, effective online teaching practices, and inclusive teaching practices.

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Learn more about ACUE by visiting the ACUE website!

ACUE: We believe that every faculty member deserves the support and preparation needed to teach well, so that every student receives an extraordinary education.


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